A Leader in Liquid Applied Waterproofing Technology

Seamless Liquid Applied Membranes

ALT Global is synonymous with quality as a leading manufacturer of performance
proven cold liquid applied advanced liquid roofing and waterproofing systems. At the forefront of liquid applied technology through ongoing research and development, these high performance waterproofing membranes are formulated for.

New Construction

ALT systems eliminate the risks associated with adhesives, torches and hot applied systems while providing ease of application for access restricted and difficult waterproofing conditions.

Renovation and Refurbishment

Our products are ideal for refurbishing existing roof systems where persistent leaking and waterproofing problems have been encountered. In many cases, they may be used as recovery systems eliminating the cost and disruption associated with the removal of the existing waterproofing.


ALT systems are an excellent choice for repairing existing roof systems where problems will typically occur at seams, flashings and penetrations or where different materials interface.


Innovation and service are evident from start to finish in our products, sales support and technical services. ALT products meet strict internationally recognized assurance standards for manufacturing, consistency, quality and performance. Whether you need roofing, waterproofing, traffic surfacing or flashing, ALT Global has a system solution to suite every application including: Insulated/Warm, Inverted/Cold, Conventional, Overburden, Protected, Green Roof, Submerged, Direct to Deck, and Single-Ply Overlay.


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