At the heart of ALT Flashing Systems is an integrally reinforced, seamless, cold applied, elastomeric, flexible MMA resin suitable for a variety of flashing and repair applications on new and existing roofing and waterproofing. Most roofing and waterproofing failures occur at transitions, penetrations and flashings. ALT systems address these concerns providing a fully adhered flashing that handles normal building movement and eliminates mechanical terminations and sealants creating a low maintenance alternative to traditional waterproofing flashing and detailing. Our Flashing Systems are perfect solutions to different types of flashing needs including standalone repairs, metal roof flashing repairs, penetrations, chimneys, drains, rail posts, etc. They can also be used in conjunction with conventional built up roofing Systems (BUR), requiring liquid applied flashing details.

Typical Flashing System

  1. Acceptable substrate
  2. ALT Primer
  3. ALT R230 Resin
  4. ALT Fleece
  5. ALT R230 Resin
  6. Optional Aggregate Surfacing
  7. Optional ALT Finish