Roofing Systems

ALT roofing and waterproofing membranes are seamless, cold applied, flexible reinforced, UV, chemical and root resistant MMA membranes for flat or inclined decks. They are the ideal solution for most every substrate including modified bitumen, asphalt built up roof (BUR), concrete, wood, steel, zinc, lead, copper and plastics. Single coat application makes our membranes cost effective, especially for large projects. ALT roofing systems include various roof assemblies such as insulated roofs, inverted roof membranes (IRMA), recovery, flashing only, protected roof membrane, green roofs, built up roof (BUR), recovery and direct to deck.

Typical Roof Membrane System

  1. Acceptable substrate
  2. ALT Primer
  3. ALT R230 Resin
  4. ALT Fleece
  5. ALT R230 Resin
  6. Optional Aggregate Surfacing
  7. Optional ALT Finish

Typical Roof Membrane System

  1. Acceptable Substrate
  2. Acceptable Rigid Insulation
  3. Acceptable Roof Barrier Board
  4. ALT Primer
  5. ALT R230 Resin
  6. ALT Fleece
  7. ALT R230 Resin
  8. Optional ALT Finish